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Piping & Spools


Lefebvre Engineering piping spool fabrication is one of the technologically most advanced facilities in Gulf region. We are equipped with fully automatic pipe spool machine to handle 450,000 dia inches per annum capacity.

We do have Shop fabrication & Site fabrication Team for piping spools as per client requirement.


Key features of piping spool fabrication facility are:


  • Can be welded automatically from 3 inch to 42 inch diameter pipes.


  • Rail Configuration machine is 9.2 meters to 23.8 meters.


  • Welding process for root pass GMAW (Short circuit).


  • All types of Fill pass can be achieved as per project requirement.


  • CS, SS, Cr-Moly Alloys, Duplex materials can be handled.


  • Small pressure vessels upto 1.2 meters can be welded easily.


  • Most advanced vision based penetration control system to achieve uniform welding.


  • We follow codes as per project requirement and also we have ASME PP stamp for power piping with ASME U stamp certification.

  • Expertise Manual welders team and robotic welding for complex areas

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