Design and Automation


We have an experienced team of Engineers with a background in various industries.

We are also exclusive providers in the GCC for the Laserax laser marking and cleaning solutions as well as Rotoweld automatic pipe spool welding machines.

We have completed Design and Engineering projects for both domestic and international customers.

In addition to consultancy services, our Engineering division, Metaltech Gulf FZE offers the following services:

Robot Integration

We are experienced in Robot Integration for Material Handling Systems and Welding Robots.

Our team constantly stay up to date with the offerings of the main manufacturers in order to offer you the most cost-effective solutions.

We proud ourselves in our ability to think outside the box to provide the best solutions to our customer's specific needs.

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Laserax Integration

We are currently the exclusive Integrator and Distributor for the Laserax laser marking and cleaning solutions.


Laser Marking

Laser marking is becoming the standard in most manufacturing industries. This versatile technology uses a fiber laser to mark specific identifiers, which are used to track and trace the activities occurring during the manufacturing process. Laser marking ensures product liability and eliminates traceability concerns.


Laser Cleaning


Laser cleaning is an innovative industrial process. This technology effectively uses a fiber laser to remove contaminants, such as rust, oxide, and paint without impacting the material characteristics. Laser cleaning prepares surfaces for further treatments, such as anodization, chroming, phosphating, and galvanizing.

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Rotoweld Integration

We are currently the exclusive Integrator and Distributor for the Rotoweld Automated Pipe Spool Welding Machine.

The Rotoweld 3.0 is a fully-automated work cell developed specifically for industrial pipe prefabrication, small pressure vessel manufacturing or another similar 1G welding. It integrates machine vision, adaptive control, and robotic technology in a dedicated package that produces high-quality, full-penetration 1G girth welds five times faster than manual SMAW. Configured for easy set-up and operation, the work cell can process spools from 75mm to 1067 mm in diameter and up to 1016 mm in length.


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Machine Design & Upgrade

Our team can design, build and install machines to meet your needs.


We can also upgrade and maintain your existing machine.


We cater to the Aluminium, Mining, Food and Oil & Gas industry.

Our Machines are designed to meet the UL, CE, CSA and SAE standards.


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