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Aluminium Industry

Lefebvre Engineering is a World Class service provider to Aluminium smelters worldwide.


Since the 1980s, Lefebvre has supplied over 6,000 cathode rings across the globe, representing more than 240,000 tons of aluminium. It also supplied over 800 superstructures.

Lefebvre Engineering has extensive experience and expertise in Greenfield & Brownfield, from Design to Installation.

The acquisition of Oman Aluminium Cast in 2016 has secured the position of the company as a leader in the fabrication of busbars by having the capability to supply aluminium bars.


Lefebvre Engineering has a proven track record as a world-class service provider to the smelters all around the world.


Our highly qualified and experienced staff is the key to our success.


Below is a list of components and services that can we can provide.

Supply, Fabrication, Installation & Repair
Fabrication & Repair
Anodic Set
Fabrication & Repair
Emergency Bridges
Fabrication & Installation
Secondary Components
Fabrication & Installation
Rodding Shop
Design & Fabrication
Cathode Sealing
Fabrication & Repair
Collector Busbar
Upgrade & Maintenance
Other Services
Earth Trolley Management
Hazard Workshop
Startup Equipment
Fabrication & Repair
Mechanical Work
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