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Lefebvre Engineering is the Exclusive Integrator and Distributor of the Rotoweld 3.0 Automated Pipe Spool Welding Machine.

Rotoweld integrates machine vision, adaptive control, and robotic technology in a dedicated package that produces high-quality, full-penetration 1G girth welds five times faster than manual SMAW.

The Vision of the Future

The core of Rotoweld technology is its unique vision-based penetration control system. It enables any operator to perform high-quality girth welds after just a few hours of training. Like the welder’s eyes and hands, the system continuously analyzes the image of the root weld pool picked up by a video camera integrated into the welding arm.


Unique algorithms use this information to adjust welding parameters, such as travel speed, wire feed rate, arc voltage or weaving width. This constantly adapts the process to varying conditions, such as changes in the gap, alignment, root face or temperature. The computer’s fast reaction time means the machine can work at high deposition rates and travel speeds at which weld pool conditions are too critical to be sustained by hand.

Advantages of the Rotoweld 

  • Constant high-quality welds

  • 400% productivity increase

  • 90% Arc-On-Time

  • 5x faster than manual SMAW or GTAW

  • Minimal Welding Experience Necessary

Rotoweld in Action

Technical Specifications

Average welding time

One dia-inch per minute

Example: 8 min for an 8 in. standard wall pipe



Carbon steel (including low-temp applications)

Cr-mo steel alloys (may not require preheat)

Duplex stainless steel


Welding processes

Root pass GMAW (short circuit)

Fill pass GMAW (spray transfer)

FCAW (flux core)

SAW (submerged arc)


Diameter capacity: 75 mm to 1 067 mm

Centerline clearance to the ground: 1 605 mm

Operation speed range: 0.2 to 2 rpm

Load capacity: 1 360 kg/3 000 lb.

Maximum torque: 3 955 n-m/35 000 lb.-in.



Shortest configuration length: 9.2 m/ 30 ft.

Longest configuration length: 23.8 m/ 77 ft.


Idler roll load capacity: 4 535 kg/10 000 lb.

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