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Lamprell Energy Transition Piece (TP) Covers for Moray West Offshore Wind Farm.

Lefebvre expertise in offshore wind energy is illustrated in the Transition Piece (TP) Covers project for the Moray West Offshore Wind Farm, showcasing our commitment towards the renewable energy sector.


In collaboration with Lamprell Energy Ltd (UAE), Lefebvre took on the critical task of fabricating and supplying Transition Piece (TP) Covers for the Moray West Offshore Wind Farm, Scotland UK.  These covers were carefully designed to ensure the safe storage during transportation and up to the installation of the wind turbines. These covers protect the essential components in the TP's. Our involvement in this project underscores our technical proficiency in complex fabrications and our commitment to advancing sustainable energy projects. By ensuring the integrity of vital components, Lefebvre continues to support the growing offshore wind energy sector, contributing significantly to the global shift towards cleaner, renewable energy sources.