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Megatraction Megalifter Frame

As a trusted manufacturing partner of Megatraction Equipment Inc., we specialise in supplying large heavy equipment essential for maintenance operations on extensive excavation and mining machinery, even in the most remote locations.


In our collaboration with Megatraction, our work includes several important stages. From the fabrication process, where we meticulously construct the components of the lifting equipment. Using advanced tools and machinery, we perform machining to shape and finish the components with precision.

Coating is another crucial aspect, as we apply protective coatings to enhance durability and corrosion resistance. These coatings are carefully selected to withstand the harsh conditions at remote project sites.

Our scope also includes assembly of the megastructures, by our dedicated assembly team. This involves integrating all the components securely and accurately to ensure the functionality and safety of the lifting equipment.

Our expertise in procurement is vital to our long-term collaboration, as we have extensive knowledge and experience in sourcing high-quality materials. The materials we source, with a thickness ranging from 50mm to over 100mm, ensure the strength and durability of the lifting equipment.