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Hatta Pumped Hydro Power Storage

Working with Andritz Hydro, Lefebvre Engineering's pivotal role in the Hatta Pumped Hydro Power Storage project showcased our cutting-edge capabilities in renewable energy infrastructure.


In collaboration with Andritz Hydro (Austria), Lefebvre Engineering embarked on the Hatta Pumped Hydro Power Storage project. Our involvement in this project encompassed the fabrication, machining, and prototype assembly of critical components such as draft tubes, upstream and downstream flap gates, and the penstock, along with upper and lower cones.

Each element required high-precision engineering and meticulous attention to detail, underscoring our expertise in handling complex, large-scale projects in the renewable energy sector. This project not only showcased our technical proficiency in advanced fabrication techniques but also our capability to contribute significantly to sustainable energy projects. The Hatta project stands as a testament to Lefebvre Engineering's ability to deliver complex engineering solutions that support the transition to renewable energy sources, reinforcing our position as a leader in innovative engineering solutions for a sustainable future.