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Wind Energy

As the global adoption of wind power continues to grow, advancements in technology are crucial for improving the efficiency and affordability of wind energy. Lefebvre recognizes this importance and collaborates with expert partners who specialize in fixed bottom and floating offshore wind projects.

Additionally, Lefebvre is actively involved in onshore wind projects across Europe, providing mechanical components for turbines. By leveraging these relationships and expertise, Lefebvre is committed to contributing to the development of sustainable energy solutions and meeting our growing energy needs.


Lefebvre is a leading fabricator in the wind energy industry, known for providing top-quality services. We specialize in fabricating nacelle parts, support frames, and secondary structures with exceptional precision and craftsmanship. Collaborating with renowned engineering companies, we also manufacture essential equipment for the wind energy sector, including boat landings, transition piece covers, access platforms, gangways, and installation equipment.

Additionally, our expertise extends to sea-fastenings and floating dry docks, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of large wind turbine structures. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and extensive capabilities, Lefebvre is the preferred partner for your wind energy projects.