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Reduction Area

At Lefebvre we specialize in a range of reduction area services for the aluminium industry. This covers the potlines, cathode sealing, and axillary areas, including cell reconstruction for the overhaul of superstructures and potshells. With our comprehensive range of services, we are committed to delivering high-quality solutions to reduction.


In addition to the supply of startup equipment, comprehensive busbar systems, pot-to-pot and bypass systems, and superstructures, we also provide expert services in bus bar repairs, compressed air networks, conveying systems, refractory and pot repair works, as well as on-site mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation maintenance. Our full range of services include:

Supply of Startup Equipment: We provide a wide range of startup equipment, such as wedges, pot-to-pot slabs, startup fuses, wedge extractors, skimmers, wedge storage racks, preheat flexes, and stands.

Busbar Systems: We offer comprehensive busbar systems, including rectifier and linkage, along with cathode tap flexes.

Pot-to-Pot and Ramp-up Bypass Systems: Our expertise extends to the installation and maintenance of Pot-to-Pot and ramp-up bypass systems.

Bus Bar Repairs and Modifications: We specialise in bus bar repairs and modifications, including amperage creep projects (R&D).

Superstructures: Our services encompass the construction and installation of superstructures, including anode beam, risers, crust breakers, feeders, side shields, and all associated fixtures.

Compressed Air Network: We design and implement compressed air networks to cater to all areas of the reduction facility, ensuring the availability of amenities.

Pot-Feed, ACRM, and Truck Unloading Conveying Systems: We provide efficient and reliable systems for pot-feed, ACRM, and truck unloading conveying, as well as blower room services.

Refractory and Pot Repair Works: Our team is experienced in refractory and associated pot repair works, including lining and de-lining. We also offer services for clean-up and repair of frozen cells.

Site Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrumentation Works: We handle a wide range of mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation works on-site, including maintenance and repair services.