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Power Industry

Gas-powered power stations and waste-to-energy power are two important sources of energy that contribute to meeting the growing global demand for electricity while addressing environmental concerns.

Gas-powered power stations generate electricity by burning natural gas, a cleaner-burning fossil fuel compared to coal and oil. They provide a reliable and flexible source of power, while emitting fewer greenhouse gases and pollutants, reducing carbon emissions.


Lefebvre is a trusted partner in the power industry with extensive industry relationships and manufacturing facilities. We have the capabilities and experience to support the design and manufacturing of large and complex projects.

In the power industry, we specialize in supplying treatment and recovery systems, while in waste-to-energy, we excel in fabricating waste feeding and air pollution systems, as well as bottom and fly ash treatment systems.

With our in-depth understanding of these systems, Lefebvre is the ideal partner for all your power and water needs.