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Cast House Area

We partner with top OEMs to provide a wide range of equipment for the cast house area. This comprehensive list caters to both greenfield projects and brownfield upgrades, delivering added value to our clients as they seek continuous improvements.


The wide-ranging list of equipment we and our partners offer in the Cast House area includes:

Crucibles and Crucible Tilters: We offer high-quality crucibles and crucible tilters for the melting and pouring processes in your cast house operations.

Crucible Transportation Trailers: Our transportation trailers are designed to safely and efficiently move crucibles within the cast house.

Conveying Systems: We specialise in designing and implementing conveying systems for cast house operations, ensuring smooth and efficient material flow.

Billets, Sows, and Ingot Stackers: Our stackers are specifically designed to handle and stack billets, sows, and ingots, optimizing storage and logistics in the cast house.

Casting Launders: We provide casting launders that facilitate the controlled pouring of molten metal into molds, improving the efficiency and quality of your casting processes.

Dross Storage and Treatment: Our solutions for dross storage and treatment help you effectively manage and process the by-products of cast house operations.

Tools Including Racks and Skimmers: We offer a range of tools such as racks and skimmers, essential for safely and efficiently handling materials in the cast house.

TAC (Treatment of Aluminium in Crucible): Our expertise includes TAC systems, which enable effective treatment of aluminum in crucibles, ensuring optimal quality and purity.

ACS (Aluminium Crucible Skimmer): We provide aluminium crucible skimmers that effectively remove impurities and contaminants from molten metal, enhancing the quality of cast house operations.