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Carbon Area

Partnering with some of the leading engineering companies Lefebvre offers a comprehensive range of equipment for the carbon area, either in-house or through our trusted partners, catering to both greenfield projects and brownfield upgrades with expertise in the Rodding Shop, Carbon Bake and Anode Forming.


Our comprehensive range of equipment in the carbon area covers:

Conveying Systems: Specializing in screw, roller, vibro, and belt conveyors for efficient material transportation.

Metal Separators and Chutes: Providing enhanced separation and sorting processes for carbon operations.

Anode Slotting Machine: Advanced machines for precise and efficient anode slotting.

Stub Cleaning and Rod Straightening Machines: Optimizing carbon product quality with cleaning and straightening solutions.

Stem Brushing and Thimble Press: Essential services for maintaining the integrity of carbon components.

Thimble Reject and Butt Crushing Conveyors: Streamlining carbon operations with specialized conveyors.

Lifting and Spreader Beams: Designed beams for safe and efficient handling of heavy carbon components.

Anode Grabbers: Reliable and efficient solutions for anode handling in carbon operations.

Sealing Bellows for Vibrating Conveyors: Improving cleanliness and reducing contamination risks in vibrating conveyors.

Process Cranes: Customized cranes for efficient and safe lifting in the carbon industry.